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Create premium pet food formulations or stand-alone supplements with SEADLING Pet - a natural, versatile prebiotic, fermented seaweed powder for gut health and enhanced nutrition.

Superfood Powered by the Ocean

SEADLING Pet is made from Elkhorn Seamoss (Kappaphycus sp.), a valuable tropical seaweed that is highly nutritious with proven health benefits.

Each batch is tested for key aspects of safety, quality, and nutrition in independent laboratories to guarantee its purity & unique traceability.

Contains prebioticsAntioxidantsVeganNo GMONo preservativesNo artificial colorsGluten free
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seaweed supplements for pets
Versatile Animal Nutrition

Functional Ingredient or Stand-Alone Supplement

Nutritious, wholesome & palatable, this 100% seaweed-based fine, dry powder can be added as an ingredient in moist pet food, or used as a stand-alone supplement for cats and dogs.

Discover the Power of Fermentation

How healthy bacteria enhance overall wellbeing

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Maximized Nutritional Value

Fermentation maximizes the bioavailability of important minerals and vitamins, effectively unlocking the full nutritional potential.

seaweed supplements for pets

Improved Overall Health

Fermented seaweed is loaded with amino acids, phycochemicals and minerals that boost the immune system, reduce high cholesterol levels, and protect from the damaging effects of free radicals.

seaweed supplements for pets

Enhanced Gut Health

Through fermentation, hard-to-digest seaweed fibres are transformed into prebiotic oligosaccharides. This helps to foster the growth of beneficial microorganisms for optimal digestion and overall wellness.

seaweed supplements for pets

Bioactive Power

Elkhorn Seamoss seaweed naturally contains bioactive compounds with anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory activity, which are boosted through fermentation.

Notice the difference of fermented prebiotic seaweed

SEADLING's human-grade Elkhorn Seamoss seaweed is a natural prebiotic and an all-round health supplement for pets.

Our seaweed's health benefits are boosted by the fermentation process, increasing the content of potent nutrients compared to non-fermented seaweeds.

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Health & Immunity Booster

Elkhorn Seamoss is one of the world's most renowned seaweed that is deeply enriched with microelements and micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
It also contains iodine and the amino acid tyrosine, both vital for cats' and dogs' thyroid function. 

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Digestive & Metabolic Functions

The fermentation process unlocks oligosaccharides and soluble fibre to naturally improve both gut and digestive health. Adequate amount of fibre in the diet enhances metabolic activity that prevents obesity and reduces the formation of hairballs in cats.

phyconutrients, antioxidants, anti-cancer
Rich in Antioxidants

Elkhorn Seamoss is a storehouse of 'phyconutrients', including powerful antioxidants, protein, and minerals. It exhibits anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties that may prolong pets’ healthy lives.

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Shiny Coats and Healthy Skin

Our Elkhorn Seamoss seaweed is a good source of plant-based nutrients and minerals promoting healthier skin and shinier, thicker coats.

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Mouth Health

The pet's mouth is very important to their overall health and well-being.
The phycochemicals in the seaweed nourish the oral cavity and encourage healthy and strong teeth and gums in dogs and cats.

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Enhanced Palatability

Cats and dogs love the fresh ocean flavour of the seaweed, which enhances the taste of every meal.

Seaweed that Makes A Difference

Our seaweed is hand-picked by partner farmers in the nutrient-rich waters of Borneo.
We abide by the highest standards to ensure environmental sustainability and supply chain transparency, so you know exactly where your seaweed comes from.

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