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Pioneering Seaweed Farming with Turnkey Technologies

From Seed to Feed

Full Value Chain Control:


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Dependable Supply Chain

SEADLING trains and partners with local farming communities who use our organic seedlings to ensure a steady and dependable supply of nutrient-rich seaweed for further processing into our high-quality products.

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Raw Material Traceability

We work closely with the partners along the entire value chain to certify, trace, and verify quality and sustainability at every stage. This approach to raw material traceability ensures that we can track your product back to who and where it was farmed.

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Superior Quality

All growth stages of seaweed farming are meticulously controlled to produce highest-quality products. With seaweed farms that are free of pollutants, heavy metals, and impurities, we guarantee that the final product is safe for consumption.

From Seed to Feed:
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The Seedling:
Where it all starts

Elkhorn Seamoss (Kappaphycus sp.) seaweed seedlings are sprouted and nurtured in SEADLING’s land-based hatchery before they are ready to face the challenges of their natural marine environment.

Seaweed Ocean Farming

Our seedlings are supplied to partner farmers who cultivate them up to maturity in an environmentally responsible manner.
Our scientists regularly monitor the crop to ensure quality and traceability.

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Fermentation Process

Fermentation improves the nutritional capacity of the seaweed, making it a truly exceptional product with enhanced phycochemicals and amino acids.

Enhanced End Product

After fermentation, the seaweed is dried, milled and packaged under controlled conditions and undergo rigorous testing in independent laboratories before shipping.

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