We are on a Mission to Enrich Lives by Innovating Seaweed

About Us

SEADLING is an industry-leading seaweed biotech company dedicated to unlocking the full potential of seaweed through innovation and technology. Established in 2018 on the tropical island of Borneo, we specialize in producing high-quality seaweed-based ingredients for various sectors. Our vision is to maximize seaweed’s potential through large-scale seaweed farming driven by cutting-edge science and close collaboration with local communities.

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Bridging Borneo to a Global Vision

Nestled in the pristine landscapes of Borneo, SEADLING has found its tropical home in a biodiversity hotspot. Borneo, renowned for its abundant seaweed resources and untouched environment, serves as the bedrock of our operations.

Our close collaborations with local communities and unwavering commitment to sustainability have transformed Borneo into a source of inspiration and innovation for SEADLING. Together, we are building an environmentally responsible future and crafting a legacy marked by eco-conscious excellence.

Our Pillars


We prioritize science and advanced technology to develop high-quality fermented seaweed ingredients for animals, plants and humans.


We are committed to advancing our scientific knowledge and creating new applications for seaweed farming that benefit both humanity and the planet.


We believe in conducting business with a long-term mindset to promote prosperity and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Passionate Team

Our diverse team of research scientists, business professionals, food technologists and social innovators is dedicated to creating sustainably-farmed seaweed products that will drive the next generation of biology-based decarbonization and ecosystem restoration.

A Shared Vision for a Better World:
Meet Our Partners

Our partners are more than names on a list; they are visionaries who share our dream of a better world. Together, we turn this shared vision into a reality by leveraging our collective wisdom, resources, and determination to overcome challenges and create lasting change.


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