Power of Seaweed


We are a seaweed biotech company developing functional ingredients that naturally enhance the well-being of animals, plants and humans. Partner with us to create high-quality products and join our mission to revolutionize the agri-food sector through the power of seaweed nutrition.

Our Products

Partners and Customers

SEADLING's innovation is driven by our strong partnerships with dedicated affiliates and stakeholders. Their commitment to our sustainable seaweed-based solutions is key to our success.

Pet Food Manufacturers

Plant Biostimulant Manufacturers

Food and Nutrition Industry

Animal Feed

Research and Development Entities

Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

Why Work With Us?

The key to SEADLING's innovation is the strong commitment of our dedicated affiliates and stakeholders to our sustainable seaweed-based solutions.

Innovative B2B Ingredients

  • Unique processing and extraction technologies for seaweed.
  • High-quality seaweed-based solutions for animals, plants and humans.

Product co-development

  • Partnerships with manufacturers to deliver seaweed nutritional and functional solutions.
  • Specialized seaweed expertise for effective collaboration.

Dependable supply chain

  • Full traceability of the seaweed supply chain ensures quality and product safety.
  • Established quality control measures at various production stages.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Located in the pristine landscapes of Borneo, SEADLING's vision for a healthier world aligns with the well-being of our oceans. Our presence in Borneo is more than just a location; it's an embodiment of our commitment to action.

Here, in this tropical paradise, we work closely with local communities, to maximize the potential of Borneo's seaweed resources.

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Our fascination with seaweed is boundless. With extensive research, valuable information, and our exclusive data, we invite you to engage conversation with us about the incredible benefits of seaweed.

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