One Ocean, One Planet

Sustainability is the Heart of our Business

Accelerating sustainable and accessible seaweed farming for a better future

The Power of Seaweed
Renewable - Sustainable - Versatile:

SEADLING's vision for a healthy world is a healthy ocean.
Hailed as ‘the superfood’ and ‘the savior of the ocean,’ seaweed is the nature-based solution for tackling important global challenges such as climate change, securing food supply, economic stability and restoring abundant eco-systems.

Seaweed's Regenerative Impact on Natural Environments

superfood, climate change solution

50 million jobs

can be generated by farming seaweed in only 1% of the ocean

50x greater carbon absorption

by coastal marine systems than terrestrial forests

48 million km² of ocean

is considered suitable for seaweed farming

Positive Social Impacts

SEADLING is committed to humanity.

We bring value back to coastal communities- ensuring a healthy and vibrant future for our planet and people.

Community Livelihoods

SEADLING follows a circular business model for coastal communities where seaweed farming supports the transition from fishing to a more secure and sustainable option.
This is coupled with supply chain facilitation for the development of farmer entrepreneurship, in order to create long-term business opportunities and improved living conditions.

Women Empowerment

The seaweed industry has the potential to create 50 million new jobs.
SEADLING takes a human centered approach to designing products that lift the value chain of seaweed by empowering women to build careers in aquaculture. This business model enables women to get knowledge, training, and skills to foster opportunities, making them self-reliant and independent.