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Food and Drinks Expo Malaysia 2023, by SIAL

The Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL Expo which was held at Malaysia International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MITEC) Kuala Lumpur, went beyond the typical exposition format.

SPACE-F X SITE Expo 2023, Thailand

June 22–24, 2023, SEADLING participated the SPACE-F x SITE Expo Thailand 2023, where foodtech startups and investors discussed the latest trends and innovations in the food industry.

Launching of Semporna branch

SEADLING has recently opened a branch in Semporna, a coastal town in eastern Borneo known for its beautiful islands and pristine waters.

Zoomark 2023, Bologna, Italy

SEADLING had the privilege of participating in Zoomark 2023, an esteemed pet industry trade show held in Bologna, Italy from May 15th to May 17th, which proved to be an exceptional experience for our company.

Agfunder/Grow Investors Reception

SEADLING received follow-on investment from Agfunder this year and we are poised to further develop sustainable and exciting seaweed products that contribute to a healthier planet, support a sustainable food system and better pet feed.

Finalist for Future Food Asia 2023 Singapore

SEADLING was recently named a finalist at the Future FoodAsia 2023 conference in Singapore, between May 16 and 17, 2023.

International Seaweed Symposium: ISS 2023, Hobart

Our Head of Cultivation,Research and Development, Melania Lynn Cornish's journey from Nova Scotia, Canada, to Hobart, Tasmania for the 24th International Seaweed Symposium was nothing short of extraordinary.

SEADLING at International Events

This week marks a significant milestone for SEADLING. Representatives from our company is currently participating in two prominent events simultaneously, one in Singapore and the other in Bologna, Italy.

SEADLING 2022 Annual Sustainability Report

We are delighted to share our latest report on sustainability at SEADLING. As a company that uses biotechnology to positively impact seaweed farming and society, we realize the importance of sustainable practices in everything we do.

SEADLING's International Collaboration

SEADLING recently was in Thailand for the SPACE-F accelerator program by RISE - Corporate Innovation Powerhouse to speed up the progress of seaweed innovation for pet feed.