Tapping into the Power of Seaweed

SEADLING utilizes innovative bio-manufacturing technology to transform sustainably farmed seaweed into the highest quality, nutrition-rich products.

What we do

SEADLING is a leading seaweed biotech company on a mission to accelerate seaweed as a global food and environmental solution.

We use cutting-edge technology with a unique, fully-traceable seaweed ingredient that naturally enhances wellness and performance.

Our Technology

Pioneering Seaweed

SEADLING strives to be at the forefront of innovative aquaculture.

Our transparent supply model starts with sprouting resilient tropical seaweed seedlings in regulated environments all the way to finished products of highest quality.

Simon Davis holding up seaweed
Kappaphycus seaweed in petri dish
SEADLING Pet, prebiotic, fermented

Natural Plant-Based Supplements for Healthier Animals

Fascination Fermentation

Experience the excellent health benefits of prebiotic, fermented seaweed for highest-quality pet food ingredients and supplements.


Our seaweed is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and bioactive compounds. SEADLING Pet provides companion animals with the biological building blocks they need to thrive.

Sustainably - Sourced

The seaweed is hand-picked from our seaweed farms in pristine environments for the maximum level of health and performance.

Healthy, cat and dog

Inspired by
Sustainable Farming

From turning the tide on climate change to strengthening food security and livelihoods of local farming communities, SEADLING is driven by its mission to restoring a positive environmental, economic and social balance while fostering growth in the sustainable seaweed industry.

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SEADLING at Superzoo, Las Vegas USA

The US pet industry is the largest globally, with annual sales exceeding $100 billion. This dominance can be attributed to several factors, including strong disposable income, a growing affinity for pets, and increasing awareness of pet care.

SEADLING participated in Superzoo 2023, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 16 to 18, with the primary objective of engaging potential customers, investors, and industry leaders.

Food and Drinks Expo Malaysia 2023, by SIAL

The Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL Expo which was held at Malaysia International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MITEC) Kuala Lumpur, went beyond the typical exposition format.