Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia, Singapore

Our time in Singapore was nothing short of extraordinary. We had the privilege of attending two remarkable events, the Agri Food Tech Expo Asia and the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2023, both serving as the anchors of the Singapore International Agri-Food Week 2023 (SIAW).These events made it clear: seaweed is not just a passing trend but a catalyst for transforming the Agri-tech industry.

From eco-friendly packaging to solutions for climate change, the seaweed revolution is well underway, and it offers hope for a more sustainable and healthier future.The most exciting part of our week in Singapore was winning the "Best Pitch" award at the Blue Food Pitch Hour, which was part of the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit. This achievement reflects our strong commitment to revolutionizing sustainable food production, specifically in the context of seaweed.

Our success reinforces our dedication to making seaweed a central component in transforming the agri-food industry.We want to express our appreciation to our partners and collaborators, particularly AgFunder, GROW, Space-F (RISE - Corporate Innovation Powerhouse), Innovate360, and Impact Circle MY, for their invaluable support and for giving us the opportunity to be part of these fantastic events.