Food and Drinks Expo Malaysia 2023, by SIAL

The global food system is currently confronted with numerous challenges, including climate change, population growth, and food waste. These challenges have emphasized the necessity for innovative and sustainable approaches to food production that prioritize both nutrition and environmental considerations.

The Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL Expo which was held at Malaysia International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MITEC) Kuala Lumpur, went beyond the typical exposition format. The event featured engaging forums that shed light on pressing issues. Among the panelists was Simon Davis, SEADLING's Founder, who shared insights on the integration of seaweed into the ever-evolving food industry landscape. During his participation, Simon not only showcased our company and its products but also emphasized how seaweed can play a vital role in various aspects of food technology and highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing food security.

One of the most remarkable takeaways from the 3-day expo, which took place from July 4th to 6th, was the immense potential of cell culture technology to revolutionize the food industry. This innovative process enables the growth of animal cells in a laboratory environment, eliminating the need for traditional agricultural practices. With seaweed proving to be an ideal scaffold for cell growth, it strengthens the possibilities for producing meat and other animal products with reduced environmental impact.

Our exhibition booth received significant attention, with visitors from diverse industries expressing interest in our functional ingredients and fermented seaweed liquid biostimulant. The conversations we had with these visitors were as engaging and insightful as the forums themselves. Elyas Eric Huil, our Marketing and Communication Officer, was present to connect with attendees, gather knowledge, and obtain feedback.

The presence of both local and international exhibitors further added to the excitement of the event. We had the opportunity to witness cutting-edge innovations, acquire new knowledge, and sample novel products. These experiences are invaluable in enhancing our own offerings and ensuring our position as a strong competitor in the industry.

Additionally, we seized the chance to meet with potential investors and partners, which proved to be another valuable aspect of the expo. By sharing our vision for SEADLING and receiving feedback on our business plan, we gained further insights into the challenges and opportunities that investors seek in foodtech related startups.

Overall, SEADLING's participation in the expo was an extremely positive experience. We acquired extensive knowledge, networked with industry professionals, and gained fresh perspectives. We are eagerly anticipate our continued growth and development as a company.