Happy New Year 2022

"2021 has been an exciting year for SEADLING where, despite the challenges of Covid-19, we dramatically grew our business, our team and our impact. We are excited to continue growing in 2022, both in our business and in our innovative research, as we move forward with our mission to accelerate seaweed as a sustainable food and environmental solution.

There is a genuine feeling of momentum in the seaweed industry at the moment as the public has begun to recognize what seaweed can contribute. From food to fertilisers, from pharmaceuticals to fuel, from bioplastics to carbon capture - in the coming years many game-changing solutions will come from farming plants in the ocean.

It is thrilling to be where we are now - solving fundamental problems that will allow a major sustainable industry to flourish - and it is an honour to create a meaningful contribution to the future of humanity and our planet with the incredibly talented and hardworking SEADLING team."

Simon Davis - Founder & Managing Director