International Seaweed Symposium: ISS 2023, Hobart

Our Head of Cultivation, Research and Development, Melania Lynn Cornish's journey from Nova Scotia, Canada, to Hobart, Tasmania for the 24th International Seaweed Symposium was nothing short of extraordinary. Led by our Managing Director, Simon Davis, Head of Product, Birdie Scott Padam, and Senior Cultivation Research Officer, Rahman Bin Hassan, we were in for an unforgettable experience. Rahman, in particular, was keen on learning, improving, and implementing the knowledge he gained from the symposium, and his summary on seaweed-related topics of interest to SEADLING was nothing short of excellent. The symposium was a goldmine of information, where we had the privilege of learning from talented presenters on various cultivation techniques, farming technologies, and research on genetic diversity among the eucheumatoids in the South East Asia region. We were also thrilled to see the nutrient-packed food products created from local seaweeds by esteemed macroalgal researchers in the area. It was heartwarming to catch up with old friends and colleagues, and to witness the passion for seaweed never dwindling. It was equally inspiring to see newer players in the industry doing groundbreaking research and growing with the industry. The next seaweed symposium is sure to be just as promising and exciting, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.