SEADLING at International Events

This week marks a significant milestone for SEADLING. Representatives from our company is currently participating in two prominent events simultaneously, one in Singapore and the other in Bologna, Italy.

Simon Davis (Managing Director), and John Sewuster (Head of Sales) are representing SEADLING at Zoomark 2023 in Bolognafiere, Italy—the premier pet industry trade show in Europe.

They are showcasing our groundbreaking fermented seaweed powder for pet food, which presents a revolutionary solution for pet nutrition due to its exceptional nutritional profile and sustainable production process.

We are also chosen as one of the contenders for the Future Food Asia 2023 in Singapore. Between May 16 and May 17, 2023, Birdie Scott Padam, the company's Head of Product, and Francesca Ivy, the Head of Human Resources and Finance, are there to represent the business.

Both of these events provide us with invaluable opportunities to engage with industry professionals and discuss the transformative potential of our innovative product in revolutionizing the pet food industry.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we share our progress from these remarkable events!