SEADLING at Superzoo, Las Vegas USA

The US pet industry is the largest globally, with annual sales exceeding $100 billion. This dominance can be attributed to several factors, including strong disposable income, a growing affinity for pets, and increasing awareness of pet care.

SEADLING participated in Superzoo 2023, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 16 to 18, with the primary objective of engaging potential customers, investors, and industry leaders.

Simon Davis, SEADLING's Managing Director, led this effort. Superzoo provided a platform for interaction and insights into the latest pet industry trends. We gathered feedback on SEADLING's product offerings and established connections with prospective customers, refining our market positioning.

SEADLING's distinctive approach is seaweed fermentation to produce functional ingredients. This approach garnered interest from pet food manufacturers, aligning with the trend of functional foods.

Beyond innovation, SEADLING is committed to sustainability and community initiatives, given its Borneo origins.

Superzoo emphasized the importance of staying updated with industry trends. Our participation in educational seminars and workshops contributed to our knowledge base for future product development.

The experience at Superzoo was fruitful, enabling us to cultivate connections, gain insights into trends, and deepen our understanding of the pet industry landscape. This positions SEADLING for expanded business horizons and enhanced product quality.