Zoomark 2023, Bologna, Italy

SEADLING had the privilege of participating in Zoomark 2023, an esteemed pet industry trade show held in Bologna, Italy from May 15th to May 17th, which proved to be an exceptional experience for our company.

This distinguished event has provided Simon Davis (Founder/Managing Director) and John Sewuster (Head of Sales) with a genuine show experience, encompassing an exclusive opportunity to gain early access to new product developments ,invaluable insights into current and future trends, and a first-hand exploration of the latest sustainable innovations within the market.

Our mission at SEADLING is to spearhead a transformation in the pet feed industry through the introduction of our ground-breaking sustainably sourced fermented seaweed powder. Zoomark 2023 served as an ideal platform for us to effectively convey this vision to a wide range of prospective customers and investors.

The meaningful interactions we had during the exhibition not only enriched our understanding of prevailing market trends but also expanded our professional network, paving the way for potential partnerships that can drive our growth and global presence. The overwhelmingly positive response from industry professionals ,accompanied by the genuine interest expressed in our seaweed powder ,significantly bolsters its market potential.

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all the individuals who expressed interest in our venture. Your support and enthusiasm have played a crucial role in propelling our progress, and we remain committed to nurturing these connections for mutually beneficial relationships.

To discerning investors seeking an opportunity to make a strategic investment in the thriving pet feed sector, we invite you to explore the potential of partnering with SEADLING. We firmly believe in the power of collaborative alliances and actively seek investment partnerships to expedite our growth trajectory and expand our global footprint. Together, let us unlock new horizons and make a significant impact on the pet feed industry.