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Lynn has a long-standing track record in the seaweed industry, having worked for Acadian Seaplants Ltd in her home country Canada for more than 30 years. Her focus is on seaweed cultivation and seed stock production, a valuable area of expertise for us at SEADLING.

This month, Lynn has visited several of our seaweed farming sites in the pristine waters of Borneo. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize her seaweed cultivation skills to maintain the quality and consistency of the raw seaweed produced by our partner farmers and in regards to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to improve the livelihoods of these small-scale operations; to promote seaweed as a safe and nutritional global food source; and to take measures to restore and enhance local ecosystem environments.

We are excited to have Lynn on board and looking forward to accelerate seaweed as a global food and environmental solution together with her!

Melania Lynn Cornish joins the SEADLING team as Head of Seaweed R&D
Melania Lynn Cornish joins the SEADLING team as Head of Seaweed R&D